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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Don't, eat Walmart potato salad.

Miss sheri,s post there are more rednecks here than in Florida. Even the alligators are rednecks. This is Eds screw up. We are in a RV park that doesn't have trash cans for public use. Himself is not beyond a lot. We came close to walking out of a dealership with a motor coach. He, s worse than a kid. The dogs have taken to the trip very well. They have learned how to stay in the backseat, finally. Betty is still miffed at me and Marco thinks Ed doesn't love him any more. Oh! The shame of doggiedom. Well tomorrow is a trip to the Tabasco plant and a hot time in the bathroom that night. Well hope everyone is having as much fun, and we will blog  again tomorrow. Mr. Ed went to Walmart to get us a pickin chickin,beans french bread and real crappy assed potato salad and strict orders of no more crappy assed potato salad. For the record gas is 3.39 and diesel is 3.79. We,ll be here for three days because there,s a Cajun festival tomorrow. Lots of nose singing and picking tunes on a harmonica. Weather is kind of nice about 75 during the day and 66 at night.

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