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Saturday, April 26, 2014

killer road,s

today was tabasco sauce kind of day went to the factory tour  it lasted all of 18 minutes in and out
i spent more time at Mc, D eating
really disappointed seeing as how we we spent 2 day here
there tax dollars ain,t working for the road system they will kill your car or truck in real fast ,,pot holes patch bumps  stay away if u got dental filling
however the fried  shrimp and gumbo was real good
  finally someone that knows how to make good frying batter
how would i rate the campground   Maxie,s mobile valley  Broussard La  12.00$$ pr nite with PPA
about a 2
it,s real old and i mean OLD  and right next to the hi-way (100ft) with a lot of noise 24/2

seem like most trailer,s have been here for many many years
wal-mart would be my better choice next time or one of the casino,s here
time to move on we will hit I- 49 north to I-20 west

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