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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hot hot hot

Ok we spent 21$$ at bass Pro,s  junk stuff and ear plug 
We're at the Louisiana state line on I 10w where we can over nite at the welcome mat rest area with FREE wifi , how cools that 
in Alabama   gas is 3.45 diesel is 3.59
At this time were thinking of switching from I 10 to I 49 north to I 20 w to 35 n to I 40 west  
As the temps are in the 80s were not going to run out of the heat on I 40 till about flagstaff but it will take us out of the heat strip  some what  off I 10 and closer to cottonwood Az
We will do lower Az after oct, or so 
As much as I had a real push to do the southwest  people to see places to go , the 5er,s  has no gen, set to run the A/C
But I'm looking for a 3500w  to put in the truck bed for when we stop during the day 
The nites are fine for us for now mid 60s
We're stoping at Lafayette  Louisiana for 2 or 3 day to indulge ourselves in some Cajun broken nose music
I think a screech owl could make the top 40  down here with out much practice
So with my ear plug go I  ,,,,,flash ,,,,,,I got a hearing aid  with an off button cool let the fun begin 
An NO I don't suck crawfish
And no u can't have my old generator Angel

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