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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

5 more miles to the county line

We made it to the Qiuechan Casino at 3pm on I 8 shit still in Ca, BUT  5 more miles to Az, 
We op, here instead of a truck stop for a better nights sleep, and it,s free,,frees good ,, 
And well if you don,t mind the Border Patrol Helicopters flying over looking for  Pedro the bandito 
And if you don,t mind the gun fire from the proving. Grounds  at Yuma air base it should be a good night 
So we may do the same in tucson i beleave theres 2 Casino,s in town then pick a CG for 2 or 3 days ?? 
One good thing is its overcast today and it keeps the heat down it,s 76 now at 7:30 pm 
We still don't know if we're spending any time here in Yuma ,, with no passports we can't go to MX for the day so it's still a crap shot 

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