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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

One of the seven

Now todays the first day back to work and the first drop was to a house on a horse farm did i say it was 1/2 mile down a one lane dirt road  and the first gate was ok after that well
Miss ,shifty here  She one of the seven dwarfs I had to distract to get in the two panel gates to make a drop. 
So going in was ok,,they were just brown eyed on lookers, now, there's a but here,,, but  however coming out well lets say we had two escapees get out to look for greener pastures but with the owners 12 year old son we,, he,, managed to corral the two critters with 32oz  size cup of horse food 
BUT I helped,,kind of sort of 
So now I can add junior horse wrangler down on my work resume
Speaking of work after 9 month on my hyanus well the 8 hour day was more then I asked for so it's bed time for this Jr, horse wrangler 

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