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Friday, October 3, 2014

Pool time

WIt's 6:30 an and 66 now,, down from 99 yesterday's noon temps 
I can't say we like PS but if showings what your looking for great one can find it here for sure
And if it's money you got to burn you can do that as well as golf courses as like a new one every day 

It,s a far cry from the PNW where the temps stayed about 66 all day an dropped 30 
We're not used to that now we need to get in tuned for the trip cross the southern route 
We're looking to stay 2 more nights here in palm Springs and push east but bypassing Phoenix  for  Tucson  but a stop  somewhere on the Colorado river ??? Then  over to do the  Sonora and the  Mission at St Xavier maybe the DMAFB bone yard 
(so Az Steve point me to a low cost Rv park please ) 

106 at 1:33pm but it's a dry heat right 
So we added 2 more day here wow 6$  but we got a pool and a hot spa and dust lots of dust 
That sucks the dust that is 

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