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Thursday, October 16, 2014

San Antonio rivewalk

OLet's start off by saying San Antonio is a real old and somewhat new city but I think I found all the OLD roads trust me there BAD 

We're at Happy trails RV park for 2 nights at 19.99$ pr, Nt, and only 5 miles from Alamo no not the car rental airport guys  the fort the real old 1836  Davy Crockett / Jim Bowie one 

We did the riverwalk later and took the barge tour 6$ each it was fun and it,s better,n walking 
Lots of shops and food bars to take all your $$$, and to note,,, no you can't swim in it,, and it,s only 3 feet deep,, and you cant put your kayak on it,, and it can be pumped dry in 24 hours 

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