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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Algodones Mx

We went in at 8 and were out by 10 and it was kind of fun an safe I could not tell if Barney Fife the border guard with his shiney new assault rifle had any bullets but his new camo outfit looks like army/ navy store surplus 
I think if i had 10 cents for every Proposition to step in come see you try I give you 20 / 30% off joker on the sidewalk I would be a rich hairy gringo 
But I did buy 5 toco,s and a coke  for 7.50$
O and after 180USD $$  for prescriptions and one over the counter drug buy  and sneek it cross the border it was hit the road jack 

Right now were in Gila Bend cross from Loves TS and about 50 ft from the train track and yes 55 mph every 45 min,s you got to love Woo Woo,s 

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