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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Testing a new kite for KAP

Day one of my test it didn't really work the way I expected it to and I'm not very happy so this is what I've done
Day one wind is about 12 knot gust 17  The kite was about 200 feet up (Low by the standards that I want)
About 400 feet behind me is the sail 
Now it doesn't look very big,, but it is fairly large I think what's happening is I'm getting the baffles from that structure
So with that
Setting the go Pro  at a two second interval I probably only have two or three that are any good and I am very picky when it comes to photos
Having the go Pro on the 3 foot dowel rod and looks like a little kid was shaking a rattle so we can't have that so I have to keep the go Pro from flopping around
If I can't fix this problem I'm going to have to go to a sail  type kite without Bellows or rods 

Day 2 
Different location hundred acres with no obstacles in the background when about 10knots
Good day for flying
8'x6'.  Kite sled. On  300 pound test line      And yes it's tied to my bumper of my truck
Now the sled is only at this point up about 125ft 
I have the capacity to go 1100ft and that's only on one reel I have three
As rule.One does not put tails  on a sled but in the case of this I need you because The last time I had it it was doing a serious yawls right to left 
I do have some control over that but it depends a lot on the wind so the way to slow it down is used the wind to slow it down by using 30 to 54ft tails 
That helped it about 50% now my next option is to put on a string tether  about 10 or 20 feet long 
Now if you wondering why I want to slow her down is because if you take a go pro and hang it on the end of a 2 or 3 foot string there's nothing to keep the weight down,,, it,s  the shake is what I'm trying to eliminate
That may even need to have a tether to the under side of the go Pro to help steady it 
I know with my picavet is not going to work the way I would like

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