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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Let tham stay home and lick there nuts or. ????

Why are people so stupid take your friggin dog shopping with you if you think you got a therapy dog  he's a service dog bull shit  if I want to get it serviced dog certificate or A service dog collar I can get it for 15 bucks on eBay
You better leave in the damn dog home in my trailer sit there and lick his nuts than go with you to damn grocery store 
They're not just at the grocery store. They're everywhere, and I don't understand why retail establishments allow it. It's not just "Fifi" in a shopping cart, it's Rex the 90 pound mongrel bounding around on a leash. I was shopping at Lowes Beachside last week, and I thought I was going to be trapped in an aisle where a dog fight was about to break out. A month earlier a damned Sheep Dog was running around the store dragging his leash. A Sheep Dog as a Therapy Dog? Really? What kind of "Therapy" dog snaps and snarls at the other "Therapy" dogs they encounter during the day? What kind of "Therapy" dog breaks away from the guy pretending that he needs a dog in order to shop for hardware and runs up and down the aisles? These aren't Therapy dogs... They're untrained, undisciplined animals, being dragged around by idiots.

I was shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond, and was amazed that some 40 pound mutt was barking at everyone and anyone as he and his irresponsible owner walked through the store. I didn't feel safe, and left. Ten minutes later I hear the same damned dog barking at customers in Target. Again... I left.

Now if you want to real service dog is too real great examples

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