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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Sometimes you just need to appreciate ART

In Orlando Lotta time in the mill 50 area you started out having a lot of tagging graffiti at the end of the locals decided to be a little creative and this is how they covered up a lot of the tagging
They actually gave a lot of the paint materials so they could create different euros and it made it a lot better and the Saigon / Chinatown area. It's almost like Vietnam population is taking over the Chinese district but if you want to good place to eat that's the best place to go Mill  Av and 50
It seems like years ago the only thing that you could get was Chinese food now the Vietnamese population is opening their own restaurants and I think you have a lot better choice especially if you like spice or Pho,
It was getting hot I was getting hungryAnd I only covered a very short area

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