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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Push pull or TUG

I thinkI can,, I think I can,, I think I can,,,,,,  I want one of those little toot,s 

A man has been spotted drifting down a canal, getting pulled along by a very small tug boat.

Which, basically, sums up exactly how we would like to spend every single afternoon forever.

Mick Carroll saw the ‘eccentric’ gentleman passing through Market Drayton on Monday.

Apparently he was sitting in his own homemade canal boat, operating the tug boat using a remote 


This allowed him to row his boat gently down the stream, without having to do any actual rowing.

As the man bobbed past him, he shouted: ‘Just when you thought you’d seen everything!’

We know what we’ll be doing this weekend.

For you boating enthusiast this is a remote control little boat as well 

Now these boys got a serious tug

Look closely. See if your eyes  and you're mine are deceiving

Have you spotted it yet

Well I'll give you a big hint  Theodore to is actually a real tug

Theodore does Port Harbor Tours Halifax Nova Scotia


Theodore’s weathered cap gets fresh coat of paint from friends

(August 17,, 2015 - Halifax, N.S.) Sometimes even our big, strong friends need a helping hand. Theodore Tugboat was concerned that his faded red cap was affecting his ability to continue to be the best Nova Scotia ambassador he could possibly be. That’s when regional firefighters, along with two local businesses, reached out to give their friend Theodore Tugboat a refresh.

On Thursday, August 4th, a voluntary team of seven firefighters, along with their Chief and an aerial platform, stopped by the Cable Wharf on the Halifax waterfront for a few hours to give Theodore’s hat a much-needed coat of paint.

“When I heard Theodore needed a paint job I figured who better to provide it than Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency. Afterall, we’re both in the business of helping people out of tough situations,” said Fire Chief Doug Trussler. “Both Theodore and firefighters instinctively jump into dangerous situations to make people’s lives better.”

As a fully functioning 105-tonne tugboat, stretching 40 feet high, 65 feet long, with a cap measuring 15 feet in diameter, the task of re-coating Theodore’s cap is no easy feat.

“Theodore’s important work in the Big Harbour requires him to be outdoors, exposed to four seasons of weather,” said Mitch Owens, Theodore’s captain, “After this particular winter, it became quite obvious that it had been ten years since his cap had received a fresh coat of paint.”

International Paints Akzo Nobel, in Burnside, donated Theodore’s hat paint (annually donating paint for Theodore’s general upkeep as well) and Atlantic Cat offers him an annual engine check.

Supervising the painting of Theodore’s cap on Thursday morning were twenty-five pre- schoolers from St Joseph’s Day Care , who were invited as special guests by Murphy’s to a dockside viewing area adjacent to where the work was being done.

“Firefighters, plus a fire truck, plus Theodore getting his hat painted was almost too much excitement for these kids!”, laughed Jeff Farwell, one of the owners of Murphy’s, “They had so much fun and we were so pleased to host them and to gift them with a small Theodore-themed souvenir.”

As the star of the popular children’s television show, Theodore Tugboat 

 now that I have Theodore too and Hank looks like I got to get the other four

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