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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Gordon Ramsay was looking over my shoulder

IOne of the bloggers up in the Pacific Northwest posted a fancy dessert and suggesting some of her followers try her famous recipe
Well I just happen to have all the ingredients an seeing it's a rainy day and can't go anywhere I thought I'd give it a try,,,,way I look at it,,, if Miss Crocker can do it I can do it
My cooking skills no no bounds

                                It's called,,,    angel food pineapple cake

                   It comes out looking so wonderful you really needs to try it

                                It will come out just like the picture below
                                            Doesn't that look so scrumptious

Now considering you've only got three gradients which is a box of angel food cake mix a 20 ounce can of crushed pineapple and a cup and a 1/4 of water. Whip up all the  ingredients in a bowl,,, throw it in a cake pan,,, cook at 350,,, for 30 minutes. Take it out and you,ll have the most lovely angel Food pineapple cake you've ever tasted

                                             I almost nailed it

Well as Gordon Ramsay would say,,,,,,,,I don't know what would he say thats not a swear word

                                 I think it would have something to do with turning in my apron
And or maybe something to do with having my foot up my Axx

                     Well we could always call it a angel food pineapple rollup cake
                              What's even worse I  got to wash the cake pan
How long do you think it would take two dogs to lick that cake pan clean ?????
Marco  Betty treat time
The answer was none of them
There both very smart dogs they know good Cuisine when they see it,,, and this ain,t it 
So to the  SPCA  no dogs were harmed in this cake pan cleaning fiasco

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