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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Altitude sickness

We made it to La grande Or on 84w
About 4pm temps 80 hot  but lots of snow on the far mountain ranges
We're Wal-e-docking again for free did i say frees good u bet
As a people watcher   I've come to two conclusions 
1 there's folks here suffering from high altitude sickness somehow it,s gotta have some effect on the sperm and the gene pool  coz  it,s polluted 
And 2 they should never never breed 
All it would take is a case of bud light an a carton of marlboro red  two get sterilized 
And that would make WalMart shopping a better shopping experience 
And I'm still suffering from the  mister IN/OUT patty burger  better still it's sit down and out ,,,,hey I need some soft  charmin

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