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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Faster internet and sunshine please

Well let's see no pool  no spa  no hot tub no sunshine no crabbing  no clamming no beach driving no fishing no hookers no lighthouses  no hiking  trails no snack bar no  no restaurant  no cable no tv no internet  only the clubhouse  has internet and tv and the internets slowwwwwwww dial up is faster  
I need to go back to my  at&t hotspot 
I,ve gone through most of all the movies here
 That's 2 rows on the  top left 
All the rest are VCR something ????
And 2 walks on the beach every day with dog  it's wet and cold 
All this week has been raining and over cast with a lot of heavy mist  

                                                     Someone say BEACH WALK 


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