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Monday, June 30, 2014

Happiness is,, a beach day

Today is suppose to stay sunny all day,,thank u,,  it's windy on the beach 99% of the time 
So after the sand sawdust show I took the kites to the beach for an hour so that's my plan for today to
One of my kites is not setup right so sometime today I'm stoping by the kite  shop to get it fixed
And if We get  some good wind I'm taking out the 2.3 and try that big guy as well
So if you see a red and blue kite fly by with an old guy on the end wave Hi 
One of the nice things about the beaches here one can take there dog to the beach and let than run off the leash, and if you got a water dog there in there element here. Sane for a bird dog
And there's a horse stable that brings down about 15 horses to the beach for rent to ride
On the sand. So along with that your car / truck /motorhome / scooter / bike / walking  canpfires One can do almost anything  but camp overnight  on the beach
On the last 2 weekends there are lots of family's with kids down there and the kids spend a lot of time in the water and no I have not put my feet in yet.. can't seem to get up the nerve. With the water at 50 something, that waters cold unlike cocoa beach or rockey point were the bath water  is 80 (bring soap)
And one good thing one will never burn the bottom of your feet on the sand here,

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