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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Monkey see monkey do

Well I did it,,,l did it
I got my Feet wet and yes it's dam cold 
Today was a hot 70 day,,
so Sheri stayed home  and I and the mutt went beachcombing over on the bay side it there was all most no wind so the water was flat as a mill pond 
In the AM so for a 2 hour walk was great  we came over to the ocean side and the wind was strong so it was kite flying time 
I got a new 7ft kite ( 1string ) I when I  sent that up its a good thing the string is 50 lb test coz I was close to 
That today,,  and it was somewhat hard to real in so this new kite is best for lite wind 
Most kitter,s use 80 lb test  and up due to the higher winds on the coast 
And after today I can see why
I,m looking for a 2.5 mm trickster kite that can fly in slow and fast wind to play with 
A competition kitter  let me try his out on the beach this afternoon and it was love at first pull
So we will see if I can pull a 160$$ bucks for a play toy 
And  there's a kite flying fest down in Graylord  beach it,s the oldest kite flying festival in the state of Washington  on the 12th and we will be 4 miles from there anyway so were going you bet
So stay tuned and see if we drop 160$$ for a play toy,

Marco thinks he,s a water dog

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