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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Chasing the puppy's tail

Well today was sunny all day and i needed that to lift the doom and gloom from the last 5 days so I got  myself a new 20ft tail for my 7ft,er but now I need 2 more for the wings mores better 

                          Me selfee
there's a Bus Nuts rally here at Long Beach Wa this weekend. ,,more fun 
As an X bus driver from Almeida/ Plymouth Brockton /Grayhound  and Trailways  and a member of the Bus Nuts Yahoo group  this is pure Gold to me 
It will be the first one I,ve been to 
This is a great example of fine detail  on restoration on a 1947 GM  built for greyhound 
However the insides are a setup for an RV 
But the out side are true grayhound fashion  right down to the blind rivet

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