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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Astoria Sunday's Crafters Foodie an 5 farmers at a market day

It looks like take your dog to the market day All the mutts were there and most were under foot to
Now why would someone take there dog to a crowded market to a place he does not need to be 
Leave the MUTT  home he's fine. He happy to sleep and lick his nuts and pee on the floor in a spot you will never find its his fun game  

So looking at all Tham tents I was in seven heaven. Thinking food to cook and eat,, boy was i in for a REAL big letdown 
Now let's look at the mister farmer. the reason his prices are way bit higher is he come a long way 
To sell his vegetables 
Good lord that farmer needs to go all the way to his farm in Mexico Peru Costa Rica Ecuador California to pick his stuff up from his farm to take to the market and all that running arounds a bitch $$$
Thats why there were only 5 farmers there think of the cost 
So why not call it a CRAFT FAIR  instead 
Or a CRAFT& FOODIE market  and please leave your mutt home day 
Crafters are not farmers at least not the last time I looked  
Farmers grow stuff, weavers weave and potterer play with mud  and wood carver cut stuff  and someone crushed a beer can and called it ART?
But the black  sign was cool 
So this must be how free enterprise works 
Good thing fisherman are the last of the breed of real farmers  but you will never sea him at a Crafters market,, he's working Today

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