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Monday, July 28, 2014

Sun and berries

Garibaldi, Oregon is a port town nestled at the northern end of Tillamook Bay, gateway to the magnificent Pacific Ocean. At the marina, commercial fisherman sling fresh Dungeness crabs, ling cod, rockfish, and even octopus up to the docks, sport fishermen tell tales at the filet table about their record Chinook, kayakers paddle out to look for bald eagles, pigeon guillemots, and purple martins, while gulls circle above and harbor seals surface to see what’s going on. The steamer train blows its horn, children laugh at the playground, and, if you listen real hard, you might hear talk about that secret spot to dig up a limit of butter clams….

Walking distance from the marina are four motels, RV parks, bed and breakfasts, and vacation rentals. Many hometown restaurants, all kinds of shops, and a maritime museum are all part of this quaint coastal town of 1,000.

Now for the real News 

We're about 100yds from the towns main st. And 75 yd.s from the harbor and the fog don,t forget the fog, even so it's sunny here , it's foggy over there ( other side of the bay )

It,s a  working fish and wood mill town,  the mills runs  all night trucks forklifts saw mill you name it it's running 

The fish boats and trucks in and out 

But for 29$ a day  and for 4 days it's fine  I think after 2 day no one cares 

Now the best part of the day no matter were you drive in this state there berries red black there all over the place anyone can pick to your hearts  content an you will never make a dent  in the forest 

15 min,s work picking black raspberry  on the side road  PANCAKES  tomorrow 

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