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Saturday, July 5, 2014

You needed to be there WOW

The 4th of July fireworks  all I can say was holy crap batman spectacular fantastic awesome
And humungus  and unbelievable the last 2 stand out most 
You see your almost in the middle of an in side  curve of land standing on the beach you can see from Taholah  to the north  to Ocean Shores to the south with 6 towns in the middle 
That's about 28 miles 
Now add thousands and thousand of people cars bonfires and to top it off fireworks galore 
2 towns and 2 indian reservations put on fireworks  last night  but it was the thousands that blew me away never  in my 70 years have I seen anything like this 
 I got to the beach  about  8 pm  sundown was 915pm and the beach crowd were setting fireworks off than  as most of the day..  BUT come dusk,, it turned in to a war zone  out there,,WOW all I can say I was not prepared to see this much,, even the dog crap herself 
FIREWORKS from point to point ,, nonstop   Even a young guy doing a fire dance 10ft away from me  cool
It seems each group was trying to out do the other and the folks at the beach were trying to outdo the towns  
It was non stop fireworks at the beach till 1045pm when I needed to call it quits and even after I left it was still going strong till midnight ???
I did take video but can't post (to large )

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