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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lazy day ? now what ?

Sunny yesterday, rain today,  fun in the northwest , 
This photo was last weeks so you can see how crappy the day looks when it,s a crap day out
Now if it's sunny remove the clouds and think blue sky's  see you can do it 

Took the truck on the beach yesterday  about noon darn i love that part i wish we could do that in our beaches
Here one can drive for miles to get away to have room by yourself. To fly my kites and if I crash no one sees it  
With my silver fox kite and my para foil  kite  

I'm teaching myself to fly and so far is fun as long as its IN the Air 
I will never be great at it but as a novice I'm have fun,, and fun at my age that's great 
It's better than sitting on the porch watching the paint dry
I know someday I'm going to try that 

Looks like Marco and i will test the couch for a nap time,    there looking at rain all day 

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