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Monday, July 14, 2014

It was a bust

Well fri/sat /sunday we went to the wind riders  kite fest on Grayland beach FOG and More FOG 
If the kite went up more then 100 ft it was in the ground fog and you can't see it 
And the same thing on  sat, as well and to top it off no wind most went home 
Sun, was lite ground fog and some wind but not much 
I did manage to sent my 2 kites up and went down the beach to test fly my new one the wind went flat 
And had to go rescue my 2 that were on the ground 
So it was pack up and leave 

The 3 minions you see up belong to a kitter that went all the way to North Carolina 
To pick up his one of a kind only 3 out there order 700$$ each
The smaller ones can run about 500$to 1800$
 not my kind of wind sport

lot of the knitters use trailers to haul there stuff 
This guys trailer had 200 kites  and and a lot more at home 

The red truck and trailer in the back ground  belongs to the guy in the white shirt  woth 400 kites and 
6 of the large ground kite at over 1500$ each it takes 3guys to set than up
And now after we left the kite fest we drove south about 5 miles and came out into this SUNSHINE
But if you look there's a fog bank further down the coast  that's the PNW for you 

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