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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The best nap I missed

Rain off an on all morning and most of the day 
Nuts day shot, went to Astoria for a late breakfast  and on to Seaside  Or to a kite shop, 
on the ten scale
it was about10 for  tourists
But for me it,s a 2 
no kite string my size no kites to buy and about 50to 60$ way over priced 
Can,t  sell me carbon fiber rods so it was a bust there  I could have dropped 50 or 75$$ 
For the stuff I needed O well there loss
Seaside is ONE BIG TOURIST TOWN with trinket to sell the white man
We could not get our asses out of town fasten enough to please me 
But no sales tax in Or 
so stoped in a kitchen store and I picked up a Lodge griddle skillet for 23.99 other stores I looked at were priced 45/50$  for the same thing ?? 
Did I say no sales tax,,,, way to go Oregon  
D, fuel in Or 3.89$   Gas is 3.55$   And you CAN!T pump your own fuel that's the law in Or (cool )        And in Wa it,s 4.26$.    Gas 3.78$  and YOU pump your own dam fuel 
Rain and overcast are  FREE comes with the PNW 
There's a Safeway put but we did not stop we know the prices are higher all over. even in Fl
Stoped at a Fred  Myers stores Food cost are 10% less In Or then Wa
but there higher than wall-marts in the lower states  but there the only game in towns over this side
Nearest WM 55 miles 
Maybe Thursday will be nap day ???  

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