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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It,s time to Wine

Wine tasters on the move.
    Technically we were on our way to Aberdeen and decided we stop in a couple of
Winery's. First of all, we don't drink but what a disappointment. We expected a tour of the winery's and how they make their wine. Well, the grounds were unbelievable. Whoever did the landscaping did a fantastic job. There were places to sit and sip your wine if you bought a bottle or just to chat with friends. So many different kinds of flowers and wood and iron sculptures. If the sun was out and it was a little bit warmer it would have been a great place to spend the day. Then we finally made it into Aberdeen. We did what shopping we needed then decided to have lunch. We found a Cantonese American restaurant. Food not so hot, but the wood carvings were amazing. There was a carving of a peacock done out of one piece of wood.  That's another wonderful day with my sweetie. For me, it's always interesting and fun day.

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