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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Beach,s Deers and lighthouse

This is our first lighthouse on our trip 

Discussions of a lighthouse at Westport started in 1854 before Washington was even a state in The Union. By the time discussions were done and money was appropriated, it was 1897. Construction took just about a year, and on June 30, 1898 the third-order Fresnel lens was lit for the first time. Standing 107 feet tall, Grays Harbor lighthouse is the tallest in Washington State and one of the tallest on the West Coast. The lighthouse serves as a harbor light for the Port of Westport, and as a coastal light to mark a dark section of coastline between Willapa Bay and Destruction Island.

The original station was comprised of 107 foot tall tower with attached workroom, two oil houses, a windmill, a fog signal building, water tank, a single dwelling, a double dwelling, two outhouses, a barn, and a tool room. The entire cost for the station was $56,000. All that remains of the station is the tower, and the two oil houses. Future plans call for reconstruction of the work room at the base of the tower and the fog signal building.

The tower optics are still considered an active aid to navigation and are maintained by the US Coast Guard

The light is closed tuesday and wednesday  so there's my luck 
But the only donut shop open tomorrow,, and I'm going with cup in hand 
Cute little guys trotting after mom
We see lots of deer and there all over the place they  seem to have no fear and will walk out in front of you like thay own the place and in some ways they do 
However we have not seen many bucks but there out there  or if not someone killed the fawn,s daddy 
Today turned out kind of nice wind dropped down to 10 knots 
Clouds cleared for a bit and a nice ride on 105 coast Hy 
Stopped in a cranberry museum,, sorry did not learn much 
However in Grayland  I did find a Local Bar an Pub oddley enough that the name of it Local Bar an Pub 
And one can get a beer at 9am 
And there clam chowder has been the BEST I have had so far on this coast to date they have my vote hands down were definitely going back soon 

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