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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

85 miles To more FOG

So todays moving day we did  85 miles from Westport down 105 to PCH 101 to Seaview Wa ( Long Beach ) and it's still Foggy but a great drive  and some white knuckles spots along the way. But were here for 14 days till the 28th
And cold 63/55 
The town of Long Beach  is small but  but nice  and seems to have lots of things to do and see 
Now if we can find all the free things (frees good )that would be nice
And one can drive on the beach here as well 
One thing we have notice is that Washington State love to stick it to there fellow residents and tourist with a State Park Pass what a crock   10$ pr, day or 35$pr year 
Now if I wish to see the light house it 10$ plus 5$ each and to top it off someone needs to mow there lawns,and grass dandelions and wild flowers are not a rare plant and not endangered to the PNW there's no law not to cut it is there 
It seems the case with this 1000 trails park as well,, we spent 14 days at  the last1000 trails  now here at this 1000 trails  we think the all the Washington'state  lawn mowers are on strike  coz the grass is 12in, high but the tent sites are 2in, And cut nice. O and the workers and owners site are cut nice 
Must be all I get for my 45$ for 14 day. Lets see grass cut NO wifi NO cable NO  however we got an OUT DOORS pool and a hot tub,, BUT,, think about something IT!S 60 F outside no ones got shorts on its a long pants State  and it dam cold,,,,, YMCA indoor pool great  I can see that if it's 103 in Az or 90 in Fl a pools a good thing come on not 60F and cut the grass will ya  

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