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Monday, July 7, 2014

yahoooo move it on >>>with new up date send HEAT

Time  to pack and move  14 days are up big guy 
We're only moving 10 miles as the crow flys  but it's 45 miles 
To a campground  in Westport Wa for 7 days 
That week  on our own will cost us about 190$
that's part of the deal with 1000 trails 14 days in 7 out   so 14 days at the next club for 33$ then out for 7 days at our  cost $ 
So far we have come out ahead of the curve cost wise  with this deal at 450$ for  2 zones 
In thinking Sheri could have picked up a membership and that would have filled up the days out That would have gotten us 60 days free 
But what was I not thinking o well
Otherwise its about 36$ a day for most campgrounds in season around here 
Well unless you find a casino for free  or a cheap fairground there are not much of a choose
And Fred  Myers and Walmart are far and few between on the coastal towns 
Our next 14 day stunt is long beach Wa and I'm looking forward to That, there's lot going on
Kite fest 
Sand castle fest
Farmers markets
Craft fair 
and I will fill you in later till then

The update
This is the main street and harbor of the  town  of Westport Wa  it's a full blown fishing town and a tourist trap
One good thing you can walk the town in about 20 min,s 
Maybe 4 restaurant  10 wampum shops (um white man trinkets ) 4 saltwater  taffy / ice cream shops who the hell eats saltwater taffy anymore anyway,, 1 halfass kite shop  3 Fish charter boat shops  and 1 gas station fuel reg, gas 4.29 $

2 Seafood markets  crabs here 8.80lb and about 25% higher than the last place we came from,, 6.60$ don't ask,, same bay same water,, same ???
Right now its dam cold at 56 and the winds blowing about 20 mph not my cup of tea seems like the winds going to rock the trailer to night 
The trailer park were in is OLD about 98% of the trailers here are old and and have been in this park for ever, 1950 vintage brings a lot to mind 
We're parked on the far right on the last photo but on the back side ot the green motel 

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