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Friday, July 4, 2014

And THIS is a small town

Small town with 6 small business  makes up  Ocean city Wa  
1 Stop sign  no town cop  2 door fire house 3 miles of beach and a whole lot of deer and all the folk are real HAPPY to take your $$$$$
Now I ,at one time. lived in a smaller town than  this but we had 2 cop (my dad was 1 )and no stop signs 1 IGA store an post office and a beach blink and you past it thank you
To say the least  at 5 pm we rolled the sidewalks up 

Now here  today on the 4th July it's a mad house happy birthday USA the roads around here suck an are a wall to wall with cars with 99% going to the beach to shot off fireworks and cookouts and drink and fly kites 
I would say there's about 8 to 10000 people on the beach at 2 pm and that's only the 5 mile section we drove there's still 4 more miles we did not do 
It,s the only time the cars out number the seagull,, seems they  leave the beach so as to not get e bottle rocket shot up there ass    Trust my you can smell cordite even brfore you get to the beach 
No wonder i cant buy any bullets  lard ass  it,s going for firecrackers  
An if you need firewood fear not the firewood truck venders drive up and down the beach selling wood at 7$ a bundle 5 pieces,   never mind all the dead trees washed up on the beach,, no spend 7 $$$
We're close to the main (road 200ft) and all we hear is the EMS truck wiz by about every hour today 
Most likely some dip-shit blows his fingers off playing with. M80 or M 90s but there only legal on the reservation

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