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Thursday, July 3, 2014

No I did not/ but only half

Today at 10am part sunny temps 65 wind 10 
About Yesterday
Not much doing wensday  so we went to Walmart shopping 
There's an IGA store here but you pay dearly for its the only  game in town( bananas .89 corn .69 each and no neat under 6.00$ cola 4.00 6pack campbells soup 1.79  egg,s 3.00
and only 1 gas  station as well
BUT 15 restaurant  and the prices are jacked up
We have tried 6 of the 15 and HAVE NOT FOUND 1 that has good clam chowder 
Now clams are abundant in this area (only 1 fish market )like butter clams there like our little necks on the east coast  at 6.50 a lb 
Now a good size dungeness crabs are about 6.70 lb +/ -- or 13.00 each the crabs about 1.75 lb 

So most folks drive to Aberdeen 20 miles away to shop even the gas is cheaper so we eat out there and drive back 
Now with me thinking about getting a better kite most of the day 

So with ant,s  in my pants. I went back to the kite shop and spent about an hour with the owner (remember it,s a small town )  talking about kites and picking his brain for stuff that would fit my Zero experience, the owner has only owned the store for 26 years so I came away with more than I can absorb but enough to spend 77$$ on a duel set of kite lines  but not a kite,, for the kite I'm looking for cost 209$ + tax  with no lines..that's extra,
So flash back to monday noon now, Bill the guy that let me try flying his silver fox has one for 160$$ so it's a matter of linking up with him some time this weekend 

Now today I'm going to suck it up and and hit the beach with my old kite  sea ya 

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