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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fog fish

As you see today's not a bright sunny day  no its heavy overcast so no lawn mowing no kites no beaching,, yes it's a shopping day 
we went south to the city of Astoria Or we,ve been here before so it was on to Warrenton Or 
On PCH to a Fred Myers  there the same as a Walmart but larger and cleaner 
And fuels 6 cents less on the Oregon  side and NO taxes on anything you buy there 
In Long Beach (next town up )there's a sand art fest going on at the beach starting Thursday till sunday a car show fri, night   and 3 farmers markets in 3 towns so that will keep us hopping a bit  
Now for  someone that likes to fish this is the place for tuna Coho snapper salmon cod rockfish 
The charter party  boats  are full most days up and down the coast 
And or the beach casting or the rock walls 
and if you don't fish 
the fish markets  on the waterfront sell same day caught fish cheap 
So save the bait for stir frying or sautéed,, It adds to any great meal 
                    See the un cut Yellow dandelions  they must be the state flower

The Astoria bridge linking Wa to Or 
note the overcast been like that for 4days now 

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