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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Star-wars anyone

Now since we have driven all over most of Aberdeen Wa and have passed this shop many times 
Well today's the day to bite the nail and stop in, Well all I can say is holy crap Mister Darth Vader 
This shop is way over the top, 
if it's Star Wars  and has anything to do with or about Star Wars 
IT,S all here toys books movies lunch boxes posters underware t,es figurines kits star wars and more Star Wars  stuff
This shop covers about 1500sq ft and it was cramed full and even the ceiling
Now Dan Sucher the owner is one of the smiling,est  coolest guy you could ever meet.

As he said where else can one go to work for 8 hr,s make money meet folks from all over the world and have this much fun 
Now with all the 6 Star Wars movies Dan can tell you more about the movie than seeing it 
I think Dans memorized EVERY script and actor/ character and movie there every was 

I was looking for something for  my sons best  friends that would be cool for there real Star War fanatics and enjoy the cosplay rolls 
So I did find something thanks to Dans help (ya big guy it will be in the mail soon ) 

                                              Dans star War Van

Now something I never noticed till Dan pointed out to us was Aberdeens  largest light saber 
It wasn't till I put my phone away did we see it 
Look at the light poll in the photo it's about 15 tall 

                                                     Miss wookies new hair do

                                           Star War Dan Sucher  and Mister Ed 

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