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Monday, June 9, 2014

John Day lock/dam

Stopped short today  looks like a nice camp site so after fueling up we pulled in here 
One can stay here for 14 days free it's dry camping 
But all the water you can scoop up in your back yard were 75 ft from the CRG (Columbia River Gorge)
Even I can hear the roar  from the spillway from our spot
And there's a train track  (about 200 ft away)  with one almost every 30 min,s   With  a count of 95 cars (yes she did ) 
It windy 20 to the east with gusts  temps 79 
Waters  COLD 
The platforms are for net dipping,, for fish.  kind ??? With gills and fins,, beats me 
I keep looking for the lock ness  monster out there ( he was here yesterday )
There's one guy fishing (casting)  don't know if he got anything 

                  Looking east 
Wind mill farms.  On the ridge line ,,  a shit load of them theres hundreds over the last 50 miles 

Only 2 in our parking lot        But 3 in the lot over 

                                                 What a view

                   Looking west to Mount  St. Helen

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