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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Portland Sun dogie

In Portland Or 1 pm  cool now it's going to rain
Stopped at Flying j for fuel then went 1/2 mile to a walmart 
Well about 10 pm last night we got rousted out of walmarts parking lot  so we went back to flying J,s parking lot 
We could not get in at Columbia river rv park  till 1pm so we found a boat yard parking lot to sit in till then and found a sun dog around the sun 
We're  here to the 20th  but I'm flying back to Orlando on the 14 ( a red eye1130 pm ) got a real sweet deal on a car 7.00$$ a day from Fox car rental   Yes 7$$ a day 
This is not a bad park but your almost on top of the next guy really packed in but there's grass dam I love grass haven't seen grass since my kid,s place,, it's been cinder stone or rock and dirt and hay 
And the Internet sucks  1bar ......I'm on my AT&T Hot spot now. 5 bars

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