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Friday, June 20, 2014


WITH no land you can sea on the other side 
This is what this trip was all about  to spend time on the PNW coast 
Were at Quinault Beach Casino ( Ocean Shores ) 
There are about 50+ real large sites here  no hookups with all most no stay limits however fri -sat nights it,s 5$ pr, night  we're thinking coz of the festival going on 
All you need to do is 
Sign up inside for a rv parking sticker 
and pick up a free Q card (players card) as well  for some free  or % off stuff
There having a cook'in the blues  festival (for the food 16$$ )all this weekend ,,so were joining the fun 
All the live music is free with 8 bands playing 
                                           say  anyone know how to play a ,,,steel guitar,,, come on over 

One thing is you can drive a car - truck - scooter on the beach here as well NO 4x4 needed
It,s hard packed 
It looks like about 7 or 8 miles on the beach ???
Some kids were walking in the waters edge  funny looking doing that with over coats on  the airs temp is 60  and sunny  wind 5 to 8 mph
Water temp,,, Be Damned if know but if I tried I would be singing soprano after
And No my feet have NOT been in the water.           Yet,,
But the kites are coming out soon you can bet on that
Lookin south
looking north
home sweet home for 3 day            looking from the beach
                                    this star burn coffee,s for u

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