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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Did I do something to piss off GOD

First let me say I took spirit airlines redeye 1140pm  out of Portland Or  on Saturday  to Ohara  to Orlando Fl  
And returned on wednesday 1040am in daylight by way of DFW
Now I will say all out bound flights left and ended on time that was good 
HOWEVER when one books a flight u need a seat to sit in,,, the choices are 10$. 18$ 85$$
And any food you get  is not FREE  and yes NO FREE NUTS it cost $$$.( Bring  your own)
And the seats have 2 settings  FULL up right and 1 inch recline 
 And DON!T take the RED EYE coz you will 
   Now as for a car I picked FOX auto (there not at every airport but a lot)
This was the cheapest thing on my list a sub compact car  it cost a whopping 7.00$ a day +with full coverage at 14pr day 
Yes it was small but a 42 MPG thank you ,,it fit the bill real fine 

 Now the time with my son and wife and her mom from Japan and the best grand kids a grampy can have,, and meeting the newest grand baby   WOW  One needs more time with all the kids 

Well my flight back was good  I took the tri-met (train ) 1$ each way  from the airport to cross town  and called a cab 
This was the start of the shit to the fan rest of the pm
First off 3 phone calls to the cab co,  and a 1 1/2 hour to pick me up 
For a 9$$ ride I was ok with that it cost me 11$ to the same place on Saturday 
So we decided to go for supper  cool jump in the truck GUESS WHAT 
Some son of a bitch stole my radio / navigation system out of the dash That was a 2,029$$$$$$$
Now all I have is a hole  
thanks bastard
Now I need to put in a claim what next GOD
So how was your day 
Geico made good on the claim for a new radio gps and I got the newest one 
Out the door 1,500$$  however I still have some $$$$ leftover  ( $$ are good )
So now I'm sleeping in the truck with my Silly Wilma an his 10  buddy's 


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