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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Brand-new recipe

Well I went out to lunch the other day and one of the side dishes for fried green tomatoes I've never had them before so I took note 
what they do is basically deep fried battered green tomatoes in the same batter as you would fry chicken
Which kind a gave it a unique taste so I got to thinking what can I do the same thing
Well I happen to have some Mexican deep frying  flour in the  refrigerator
So I bought one fat green tomato and cut it in quarters inch slices
One egg just whip it up in a bow
Put the tomatoes in to the egg mix
And with a half a cup of flour
Put the flour  on a paper plate fold the tomatoes into the flour 

And three quarters of a cup of Western oil 
Bring it up so its real hot add tomatoes till there  brown   Flip over 
Till the same 
Now if you like to put salt an pepper or any spices on it that's your choice
Now living in the south a lot of recipes are hand me downs from old Family traditions but interesting enough fried green tomatoes the information that I am coming up with is it started in the Northeast went to the north west and then took off like wildfire throughout the US originally coming from Europe 
As well as coming out of Africa at about the same time
So it's really not a complete southern dish per se
But if you do try it   enjoy

Another given recipe

Fried Green Tomatoes. Cut into thin slices some large, perfectly green specimens (they must not have begun to show any sign of ripening, and those freshly pulled are really best for the dish). Sprinkle with salt and dip in cornmeal until covered. Fry in a little butter until a nice brown. Cover the frying pan throughout the cooking process to keep the tomatoes tender. Serve either plain or with a brown sauce.
Now for the love of me don't ask me what the brown sauce is ain't got  no idea 

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