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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mr. Ed's latest un-cluster Fuch project

I'm really tired of all the stuff that's in the back seat of my truck
So I had to finally bite the bullet and do something drastic about it. 
So  my project was this for today

I went down to Home Depot yesterday and I was looking for a  PVC pipe at least four or 5 inches in diameter now the one that I did find was really heavy duty and it was $17 
But instead I came across a PVC fence post and $14 having the access to a Chopsaw I cut off about 12in they happen to have 14 inch twist ties never working with them before they look like they work real good so far I'm impressed
After measuring what I want where I want It
just drilled 4  half-inch holes insert of the twist tyes 

Look Bertha a white dog with red legs

Stop playing dip shit get back to work
On my truck I have two strapdown bracket that the twist ties went into
One of the good part is I could take it out with very little trouble
So here's the reason why I built what I did 
I have to cut down on the amount of toys that I'd like to play with
So this is what i did
    See in goes Kite  no,1
        And Kite no, 2  
     And Kite no, 3  
If I take the average kite in the bag I have enough room for 4  but that  gets  too tight
So the power kites for my go-pro Ariel photography 
The ROKO is a single line type kite all it does is look pretty
And my best one is my two line Silverfox
So if you add up there costs it does make sense to get it out of the backseat so nobody can sit on it
Or  stealing it 
Out of the way nobody can see it 
It,s safe and sound 
and you can't sit on it bend it or break it
Plus it frees up all the back seat of my truck
The first kite  has its Winder in its own bag
Other two kites  have totally individual bag under the back seat

So I went from this
Carrying 15 kites down to three of my favorite ones 
And yes I can change out has to need arises

Too this 
Now if you're interested in making something like this for your kite all you need to do is go to the hardware store ,, you could find PVC tubing   Pick up 2 soft Cap for each end,,, and you're good to go 
Trust me PVC can take a hell of a beating

So that was Mister  Ed's today's project
glad you could join me.      
                                             Now go fly your own kite

I do have one more project in mind that will un- cluster fuch The rest in the backseat but that's for a later project 

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