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Friday, July 29, 2016

I'm sorry but I don't get THIS shit either

I have absolutely no damn idea what this crap is all about.      Actually don't give a damn really

But then again you have to wonder where these kids have any social skills which they actually don't because I don't know what the Hecks going on around than  never mind the fact that they don't know how to interact with other kids on the playground and you don't have any non-texting friends
Next time really really really take a look the next time you go to the mall and just sit and watch

Yeah for the love of me why would you give a five-year-old kid the cell phone

                          You be the judge which photo is the most beneficial

                                        It's  called the  homophoneins  curve 

I think a lot of it boils DOWN  to the fact that you're too damn Lazy.  God for bid if you send your kid outside to play football baseball basketball soccer golf Rigby bad mitten Titley  winks marbles
But then if you do you'll never find anybody outside
Or send him to his room so he can read a good book practices science project put a map together or jigsaw puzzle or create a special masterpiece for you
So don't worry about it AT&T and poker man will be the world's masterful babysitters

And don't even think about getting me started when you go to the grocery store and you try to pay for something with a large bill and then change your mind and pull out change and smaller bills and then sit back and have a good laugh while The just out of high school teenage cashier tries to figure it out. ( The CORRECT change )

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