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Friday, July 29, 2016

Finally it's up, and a simple recipe

Finally normal home appliances check that off my list,,
To make the house look bigger which it really is and we're not putting up upper cabinets although I still have the rest of the backsplash the painting the ceiling trim and the floor
I think I need to get one of those homeless beggars side of the road vagrants spot next to the highway
So I could stand there with my fancy cardboard sign
It'll say ,,, WILL WORK FOR MONEY ,,, you give me the money so I can finish MY project work

Nothing like homemade large pearl tapioca putting
Very simple recipe 1 1/2 large  pearl 2 1/2 cups of milk here's the best part  1 1/2 of sugar yeah I know that's a lot but I like it that way 3 tablespoons of vanilla extract 
Medium heat and and and keep staring it  all the time till it gets thicker whatever you do don't walk 
away from it.     If you do you'll be sorry
 (Thickness and consistency is your choice if you like it thin  stop or thick keep staring)
Some people like it really thin others like myself like it really thick so keep on your toes while you're staring   As You'll feel it starting to thicken 

Put it in a dessert dish let it cool --go back and lick the spatula,,, and then put it in the refrigerator
No not the spatula  dummy,,,,  The pudding 
To cool it off unless you like it hot 
(And someone would be happy to know that there were no sharp knives involved)

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