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Thursday, July 14, 2016

He's a slippery little bastard

Here in Florida  July and part of August are mango season on Merritt Island
Now they don't do anything small when it comes to mangoes not unlike your store-bought run-of-the-mill. Baby mangoes
Yeah here we'do it right
What we have here are call Kent,s  and super sweet are the most common along with about 20 different varieties They range anywhere from a half to 3/4 pound  
There's a lot of different ways to prepare it but I will tell you like any mango it's a slippery little sucker
When it doesn't have its skin on
Most people cut them up slice and dice and there are others like myself that will slice an freezer tham 
I still have some from last year but if you get a really good fresh one 
why not make a dessert out of it 
It's real simple to do and you're not going to chase the soccer all over the counter and maybe the floor   So let me show you the simplest way to do this and show you how
You really only need two knives one very sharp one out of your best knife rack
and one dull one you would give your guest
If you know anything about the anatomy of a mango they have a extremely large seed 
The trick is to turn it on its edge and start in the middle and fillet at

What you're going to do is start from the center and literally fillet at around the seed
You feel the resistance as you cut
Do the same thing to the other side    but start where the seed is follow it all the way around
What you should have looked like this
Now if you're anything like me I take the neck to the same devour as much as I can I'm greedy that way
Now put the big sharp knife in the sink and don't touch it
Take the really dull Guest butter knife and crosshatching like the photo
Try and be very careful its soft so you DO NOT want to pierced the skin on the other side
You just need to remember that you're leaving the skin on otherwise you're going to chases the sucker all over-the-counter

So all in all that sweet bad boy should come out looking like this
Now the fun part begins. I didn't say the best part I just said the fun part
On my grill I'm able to control the temperature and  set at about 550
If you go have a thermometer just set it to your highest heat

I Grillet face down for eight minutes remember High heat
After that I turned it over to Grillet skin down High heat
This is really where you want to watch it carefully
The first photo is when I turned it over

You want to let it cook until you see the juices starting to bubble 
Once you see it starting to bubble let it cook for about A minute and a half
Than you can take it off the grill
Now this is where the fun part begins there are so many things that you could do at this point
You could eat it hot
You can add brownies to it 
you can add ice cream and syrup on it
Your imagination is your own feel free to be wild and free,, with whatever toppings you like

As a rule I like to do it on my outdoor grill at a very high
You could probably do it with your graded skillet but the oils that are in that skillet may change the flavor of the mango 
Now if you go and cut it as you see the third photo you can take the mango cut each side into three strips and fillet with a sharp curve knife you can slice and dice it put it on your chicken on your salmon or add  it in the salad my favorite way you should try is just take it over the sink and devour it 

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