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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Friday Humor? Obama's 11-Point Response To The French Tragedy

Authored by Yojimbo via The Burning Platform blog,

1. No one needs a commercial truck this large.

2. The Founding Fathers never envisioned large commercial trucks, and did not intend for people to drive them.

3. These “assault trucks” are designed for killing large numbers of people quickly, and that is their only use.


Snicker snicker  well ya,,,We're only looking for a peaceful solution for the G hard

     Hold on a minute please I'm Installing my brand-new C- Star Rockets

Yeah I got it fixed.     Damn take that you infidel

Let's get the next-generation involved

4. We need a “no truck” list immediately, one that does not require due process to get on or off.

5. No where in the Constitution does it mention the freedom to own these killing devices called trucks.

6. Large commercial trucks should only be owned by the police, military, or politicians, 

NOT normal citizens, who can use horses.

We got to get this fresh produce to the market Guys 

Oh my gosh George we got us a convoy    10/4 back door    bedbug up here will take the lead

Don't worry driver a look underneath
Yep you're going to get a ticket for being overloaded

7. We already have licensing, registration, titles, inspection, and multiple taxes on large commercial vehicles, and STILL they are used for mass killing. Enough is enough. We must ban them entirely.

8. We must follow Australia’s example – we must have a massive government buy-back of all trucks currently owned by American citizens, then, they must be destroyed.

9. We must empower the police and military to go door-to-door to forcibly remove these “assault trucks”. Deadly force is reasonable when “disarming” people of these killing devices.

Open up I want your truck.  Now

10. If it will save the life of even a single child, we must rid our society of trucks.

11. And lastly, we must continue to resettle enormous numbers of Muslims throughout the United States, primarily in rural, white, Christian areas.

*  *  *

Ironically, this is exactly what Newt Gingrich expected from The President: "Will Obama Call for New Truck Regulations After Nice Terrorist  Attack

 Whether it be by air

Whether it be by to sea

Or whether it be by  land

Politicians will get it done big-time and done right to protect US citizens

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