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Monday, September 22, 2014

2 more days ???

51/65 partly cloudy /sun wind 5
Went to the beach coz we could but looks like mon/tue will be the last 2 days before heading in lan

We're here at  Crescent City in a Walmart,, home of the free parking 
In the state of the big sales tax,, seems funny in Oregon not paying sales tax and now in Cal, we will 
Food at Safeway and Fred Myers the costs are 10/20% higher then Walmart's but there only 3 WM,s on  the  Oregon coast 
But in all fairness to. Safeway,, it's a real nice store with foods not found in most markets 
And with Fred Myers has lots of food and a tad less, but there clothes apparel is the best and most all top name brands with good deals 
Reg gas is about 3.7? Something 
Diesel in Or. Is 3.89 / 4.03
         In    Cal, 4.37 / 3.99
 LP gas in Or 1.80 / 2.99
             in Cal. 2.29 +tax   Or about 2.48 pr gal.

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