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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Shower boats an phone home

Ain,t free Mc,Gee  it's a pay shower 
We're at Winchester bay Marina /Rv 5 miles south ot Reedsport  when I say in the marina  you bet with boats all around us  15.$ a night but no hookups but thats ok ,the last place, we stayed at we did 7days and still had 1/3 of a fresh water tank left and  black will do for about 11/12 days 
We,re thinking about 4 days ?? Here 
Winchester bays a real small town but it has a lighthouse about a mile down the road so we can check it out soon 
However one good thing we at  Unger,s fish an chips restaurant at this marina last thursday and found the fish and chips  a good 9 -- for fish   But the chowder was a 0    Can't win Tham all 

                Now when was the last time you came across a PAY Phone 

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