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Friday, September 12, 2014

A cove ahead,

Went to see Cape Arago lighthouse and that's all one can do,, is look its not open ???
But for photos your about 1/4 mile away Not the best but you take what you can get 
But the drives was real nice along the coast and we found a cool beach cove 
We're bringing beach chairs and snacks next time 
there were 2 guys in kayaks   way out past the surf line playing with the seals looks like fun 
We're still in Coo,s bay and will hang around for 3 - 4 more days ?? 
Thay  got a Wal-e-Mart here low $ cool 
Cape Arago LighthouseThe picture to the right is taken from Sunset Bay State Park, south of the Cape Arago Lighthouse.  This Oregon lighthouse is one of the few that you can't get an up-close look at.  As you will see by the picture below, the entrance to Cape Arago is guarded by a fence that is controlled by the Coast Guard.  So, if you plan to visit Cape Arago, bring your binoculars and a high powered camera.

Cape Arago's tower is 44 feet high, and was illuminated in 1934.  However, there were two other lighthouses built earlier on Cape Arago.  The first tower was lit on November 1, 1866, and was Oregon's second lighthouse in operation.  This lighthouse was a 25 foot octagonal tower supported by iron Cape Arago Lighthousestilts.  Then, on July 1, 1909, a second lighthouse was completed and began to operate.  This house was 25 feet higher and included a siren fog-signal.  Today, only the third lighthouse remains and sadly it is not available to the public.  Hopefully, in the future, this will change.  There are a number of lighthouse enthusiasts that would love to visit Cape Arago.

If you would like a glimpse of the Cape Arago Lighthouse, follow Cape Arago Highway out of North Bend, or McLain Libby Drive out of Coos Bay, towards Charleston.  From Charleston, look for signs pointing to Sunset Bay State Park.  This is definitely the most difficult lighthouse to find on the Oregon coast as there are only a couple good spots to view the Cape Arago's lighthouse.

Cape Arago Lighthouse

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