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Friday, September 26, 2014

WOW best drive yet

Now yesterday's tourist drive to Newton B Drury Scenic parkway  was a BIG let down 
And about 80 miles long (down / back )
WELL today's was a whole lot better by far 
And lots shorter  to boot 20 miles we went to Jedediah Smith Redwood state park 
This road runs from the small town of Hiouchi Ca, on 199 (Redwood highway )to Elk  Valley rd in Crescent city Ca
This is a 1 lane dirt road called Howland Hills road  smack dab in the middle of a LARGE old growth redwood forest,  this dirt road was first used as a 1800s stage coach road it's 12miles long but 7 miles are dirt and if a car comes along he or you pull over to pass and anything over 10 MPH is way to fast,  at 2 points on this road it only 8ft wide and a sharp u turn 
And there's no room to being a car towing a 12 foot long trailer,, at 2 points we had to fold the truck mirrors in to pass big  trees its not a road for the timid but if you do you will love the drive and if you hike it,s there's trails go lore some short an some long so take your pick 
This park has the BEST redwood trees and your up close and personal 
With not much light filtering in at 11:30 lots of photos were hard to take 
And the redwood  big boys were so tall no way to fit the giants in   

We let this clown do the stunts He needed to change shorts after,, all covered with dirt 

California's northern-most covered bridge is also on Douglas Park Rd. as it parallels the Smith River. Spanning Sheep Pen Creek, the scenic bridge was built in1976 especially for the Bicentenniel and tourism.

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