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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rain rain go a wayyyy

Here we are at camp Port Orford Rv Village till Saturday with rain and overcast it has not rained for some time now ,but we were hoping it held off for 10 more days till we get off the coast , kind of ran out of luck 
We left Coos Bay  The Mill Casino after 6 days there and only paid for 3 nights 
All I did was leave my sticker on the truck side ways 
So with free  slow Internet and a free real good club house and free CLEAN shower room a free concrete pad  and free dump  free good water and a free lumber train,,, the free part of life's good 
I would rate this 10 
However we did leave and contributed to the Coos Bay economy by way of the Veterinarian establishment to the tune of 300$$$$$$$$ for Mister Marcos poor health
And it seems after 300$$$$ an a thermometer stuck up his ass he's somewhat fine now 
So it's onward south to Port Orford 
The Village Rv park is small about 40 sites, setup nice and clean at 27$ a night 
Theres no free or lower cost camping that I can find here or in Brooking so it,s bite the bullet and pay the man, till Grants pass 

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