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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Back to mainstream Civilization

Ok it's 60 and sunny out at 7am in Lodi Ca, 
That's a far cry from yesterday's temps we left crescent city from the coast at 50 sunny and took rt 199 east now that was a real nice drive but for a stop at The Burl Gallery 250$ later  and  a 6 mile stretch that was slow and narrow 
To Grants Pass Or, to I 5 south now i 5 in Ashland Or, was a bitch  with a 10 mile climb to 4200 ft
But down hill was 4 5 6% grade to Weed Ca, for our first over night at a pilot truck stop that was at the base of Mt Shasta  and got up at 7am with 42 out side no wonder we had 3 heavy blackest on over night, it did not get warm till we got  to  Sacramento. 83 sunny 
We took 12 east to Lodi to the Walmart parking lots camping ground (free) then south on 99 but 
We're only going as far as Manteca Ca, to a TTCampground on the river for 2 night
After that were working our way to interstate 10. ??
                                                From this 

                                               To this 
                                        To this 

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