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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Lightsaber stand

Something fitting for a Star War Lightsaber would be a  stand 
So about 9 or 10 months back my son started a project for a birthday gift to fit this Lightsaber 
For his best friend and his wife to show and highlight it 
Now if you like jigsaw puzzles this stand is a one of a kind as well it's  all slotted  dovetail hand cut
And hand rubed finish
And No nails  
And as to watching him do this with such patience it bogs my mind, even if He did come unglued sone times,
And today it all came together 
You see this  sabers is a one of a kind as well,,made out if high grade metals and a lot of custom mill work and Etching done by the hands of  it,s owner,, 
And when asked how long he took to design and build the saber,   He like my son ,,said it,s not the hours it's the love doing something one loves
Absolute fantastic job son 

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