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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Umpqua River Light

Sun set and fog  temps 70 wind 8 
Went lighthouseing last night  and a fast one this morning
 One can play hell up here one min, the sunset playing with lights  the next bang fog 

The Umpqua River Light dates from 1894. It features a gorgeous and unusual revolving, octagonal, red-and-white First Order lens. The light shines 24 hours a day, but visit Umpqua after dark or before sunrise, if you possibly can. As you enter Umpqua Lighthouse State Park, down a winding road, the light's rainbow beacon rotates through the tall pines with an alternating red and white beam. The 65 foot tower is brick covered with white stucco, but you will not be able to take you eyes off this fantastic lens.

In November of 1983 the old chariot wheel mechanism that rotates the light broke down. The Coast Guard promptly installed an airpost beacon on the tower and made plans to remove the original lens. Local residents launched a storm of protest until the Coast Guard relented and repaired the rotating apparatus.

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